As we age, women’s bodies change naturally around pre-menopause notably around the waist-line. We tend to have more cravings, feel tired and gain weight and one of the reasons is that it can naturally become more difficult to metabolize sugars and fats which can lead to unstable blood sugar levels. Our program is especially formulated for women: it consists of 3 components: a smart varied diet + activity + take high end active formula BIO FIT® as a dietary & herbal supplement with a large glass of water before your most abundant meal, lunch or breakfast.

Recommendation for autumn and winter 2019-20:

1-Practice POSITIVE NUTRITION: eat what your body needs and keep a regular meal schedule to prevent snacking. Beware of excess sugar intake hidden in drinks, processed foods, alcohol  and don’t succumb to “miracle” diets! Always eat fresh, not mashed foods in order to get fibers and to chew with help eat slower. Favors proteins + phytonutrients- fibers-rich-low glycemic-index-vegetables:

2-Drinking 2 glasses of water before a meal is a good strategy to hydrate and improve the feeling of fullness. 6 glasses of water a day is recommended. Tea (before 2 pm as tea contains caffeine) can help bring you anti-oxydant but it doesn’t replace pure water. Prioritize water reich in minerals like in magnesium as it will help you manage your weight.

3-Finally, some physical activity helps relax, boost metabolism and helps prevent osteoporosis:Walk instead of driving, join (or re-join)  a gym. If you haven’t exercised in a years, do nor force it. Biofit can increase your energy so enjoy this energy and starts to walk more often or use light weights to increase your muscle mass as your metabolism speeds up. Do not overdo it and follow exercise programs that will prevent injuries. Try to keep your belly in as you exercise or walk to strengthen your abdominals. A brisk walk for at least 30 minutes a day at once or in multiple parts is recommended. Enjoy nature as much as possible as it helps relieve stress.


Women 40+- Fit

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