Our weight loss program consists of common sense measures, not fake promises. For long term success, eat healthy, delicious, nutritious, and varied fresh food! Practice POSITIVE NUTRITION which means, eat what you like, and what your body needs when you are hungry and keep a regular schedule. Drinking a glass of water before meals is a good strategy to hydrate and improve the feeling of fullness.Easy steps to take include avoiding mistakes such as very caloric beverages and empty calories, and keeping a healthy lifestyle, including fitness activity such as a brisk walking 30 minutes a day at a minimum.

Take our active formula BIO FIT® line of GARDEN LAB® ( 2 capsules maximum a day) as a dietary & herbal supplement with a large glass of water, preferably before your most abundant meal, or as directed by a health care practitioner.   BIO FIT® is a combination of carefully selected botanical extracts. It is specially formulated to avoid any substance that may cause nervousness and extra stress. Hormone-free.

Halt strict diets and wrong food choices to better control your diet. Don’t succumb to “miracle diets that promise you will lose many pounds in a short time; that will often result in a weight rebound and dismay. Stress can also cause an emotional negative eating pattern. Beware of excess sugar intake!

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